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Bruce Williams

Songwriter, Guitarist-Vocalist & Producer

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Welcome to Bruce's world of music....




Bruce performs in The Bruce Williams Band, The Bruce Williams Blues Experience with acclaimed Hammond organist Rob Waters, and in King Robinson & The Housewreckers...

The Bruce Williams Band plays blues, old R&B, jazzy instrumentals, and catchy originals!

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This band plays straight blues, plus jazzy instrumentals and old R&B

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King Robinson & The Housewreckers plays electric Chicago blues like nobody else!

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MAGIC STEW! Official Release!



This is the project I've been working on for the last 2 years, an album of original instrumentals, featuring stand out performances by Bill Cornish on keyboards, Dave Harris on drums, Paul Merar on bass, Jhorber Orta and Steve Eisen on percussion, Aimee Biasiello on viola and violin, and Brian Taylor on flute and alto saxophone.

Available as a CD or digital download...



Above painted by my mother, Aileen Tyson, from a photograph captured by Dave Smolarek



Photo by Janice Tomes





New CD, "Blues At Red Barn" Just Released!

Bruce Williams: Blues At Red Barn




New CD!


                                                  Photo by Dave Smolarek








                                                                                    Photo by Dave Smolarek





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